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McDonald's Halloween Riddle

McDonald's Halloween Riddle - 2 December

McDonald announces special prize in the USA on the occasion of Halloween for kids.

Vanilla Cone costs 60 cents
Cheeseburger costs 65 cents
Filet-O-Fish costs 54 cents

How much does Happy Meal Cost ?

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Replace Question Mark Equation

Replace Question Mark Equation - 1 December

Can you replace question mark to make the below equation true ?

16 ? 14 ? 4 ? 6 = 62

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Six Letter Who Am I

Six Letter Who Am I - 30 November

I am a six letter word.
The first four letter is me.
The second and last letter are the same.
The fourth second and last letter are payment.

Who am l?

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QuickFire Odd One Out Riddle

QuickFire Odd One Out Riddle - 29 November

Can you find the odd one out from the below words ?

First Second Third Forth Fifth Sixth Seventh, Eighth Nine Ten Eleven Twelve.

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Alex Parrish Escape Gun Puzzle

Alex Parrish Escape Gun Puzzle - 28 November

Alex Parrish was so frustrated to be the suspect of being a sleeper terrorist that in her bathroom she shoot herself right between the eyes with a revolver. The revolver and the bullets were real. Minutes later Alex Parrish walks out from the bathroom unharmed.

How can this be possible ?

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Simple MatchSticks Equation Riddle

Simple MatchSticks Equation Riddle - 27 November

You need to remove two matchsticks to make below equation correct ?

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Rebus Decode Riddle

Rebus Decode Riddle - 26 November

Can you decode the below rebus ?

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