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Who Are They Riddle

Who Are They Riddle - 25 January

They are the five precious gems of an everyday sort and all can be find in a Tennis Court. Who are they?

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Christmas Riddle For Kids

Christmas Riddle For Kids - 24 January

Can you spot 5 differences in two Christmas tree below?

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8 Moves CheckMate Puzzle

8 Moves CheckMate Puzzle - 23 January

With following rules:
(A) White can make up to 10 legitimate moves until all kings are checkmate.
(B) White can take any black piece except the king.
(C) The White king cannot be in check position at any time of the game.

Can you checkmate all kings in less than 10 moves?

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Hard 12 Matchsticks Puzzle

Hard 12 Matchsticks Puzzle - 22 January

You need to remove four matchsticks from the picture below and still need to maintain the following as in the original image.
1. 1st row contains 12 matchsticks
2. 2nd row contains 12 matchsticks
3. 1st column contains 12 matchsticks
4. 2nd column contains 12 matchsticks

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Danger Cryptarithms Puzzle

Danger Cryptarithms Puzzle - 21 January

Solve below cryptarithms puzzle by replacing letter by the appropriate number.

   C R O S S
+ R O A D S

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Table Sequence Riddle

Table Sequence Riddle - 20 January

Can you replace question mark with the correct number in the below table sequence riddle?

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Movie Name Rebus

Movie Name Rebus - 19 January

Decipher the movie name hidden in the rebus below?

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