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Monkey Squirrel Eagle Race

Monkey Squirrel Eagle Race - 26 October

A Monkey, a squirrel, and an Eagle are racing to the to the top of the mango tree. Assuming all these animals are in perfect shape, Which animal will reach to Banana first ?

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Which Number Riddle

Which Number Riddle - 25 October

Which number should replace the question mark in the picture below ?

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Football Riddle

Football Riddle - 24 October

In a football game , Chelsea defeated Mani 2 - 0 but no man from either side scored. How can this be possible ?

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Cricket Puzzle Question

Cricket Puzzle Question - 23 October

It is a strange cricket match in which batsman is getting bowled in the very first ball he faced. Assuming no extras in the match, which batsman will be not out at the end of the inning ?

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The Month Rebus

The Month Rebus - 22 October

Can you guess the name of the month by looking the below rebus ?

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Ghost Room Puzzle

Ghost Room Puzzle - 21 October

Which room is the ghost always afraid of ?

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Square Root 12345678987654321 Puzzle

Square Root 12345678987654321 Puzzle - 20 October

The square root of number 121 is "11". What is the square root of the number "12345678987654321." ?

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